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7 Ways To Say I Love You Without Actually Saying It

1. I value you Telling someone that you value them shows that you appreciate them, that you respect them. It shows them that you value them as a person, that you value their thoughts, opinions and more.

2. You are special to me This tells someone that you care about them and that they are very important to you.

3. I’m grateful for you Telling someone you are grateful for them shows that you care for them very deeply, that you are grateful to have them in your life, grateful for them as a person and for who they are.

4. You fill my heart with so much light I feel that telling someone that they fill your heart with light comes from a very pure place, the feeling of someone filling you with light, to me signifies that they make you beam and feel warm because of the amount of love that you feel for them.

5. I’m so happy I met you I feel like this is such a lovely thing to say to someone because meeting them has made you happy and bettered your life.

6. Tell me about your day Asking someone about their day shows that you actually care and that you actually want to know how their day went, it shows that you not only care about them as a person but you are interested in knowing about their day, it shows acknowledgement and that you find it’s important to know about their day – to me it shows that someone cares to listen to you.

7. I want to grow with you Telling someone that you want to grow with them is so lovely because you want to move to different moments, different levels and chapters of your life with them, you want to learn with them and grow as a person with them, to me, that is beautiful. You want to share your life with them.

thank you for reading, catch you on the next blog.

eve x

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