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Bella Italia x EveSolo

I was invited to dine at Bella Italia restaurants so I decided to make it a date night! Me and my boyfriend went to the Strand branch which was lovely as it was at the heart of Central London, and this time of year the Christmas lights are up and it’s all so magical!

The restaurant from the outside looks lovely but the interior, even better! Let me tell youuuu, the service was incredible, the staff were so bubbly and polite and they made the experience all the better! We were greeted by this exceptional gentleman and he escorted us to our booth, and was so accommodating to our needs!

We started off by ordering some cheeky cocktails because why not? It was date night after all, so I ordered an Espresso Martini and my boyfriend ordered and Mojito (which is actually my favourite cocktail but I wanted to try something different :D) The cocktails came so efficiently and were fantastic!



We order our starters and decided to get a few to share, we ordered the caramelised onion flatbread, mozzarella with garlic and parsley butter flatbread, they

were absolutely exquisite, it’s like I leapt into Italy!

We also ordered the calamari fritti (salt & pepper deep fried squid served with lemon & cracked pepper mayonnaise)

and gamberi aglio (king prawns oven baked in garlic and chilli butter served with toasted ciabatta), these were absolutely mouthwatering, the rich flavours complimented each other so well, I was blown away!



We then moved onto ordering our mains, I order the gamberoni, which is fresh pici pasta with king prawns, baby plum tomatoes, white wine, garlic butter and red chilli, I decided to get it with extra chilli as I’m a little crazyhaha!

This is now my new favourite dish! It was delicious and spicy! The prawns were very meaty, juicy and made to perfection!

My boyfriend ordered the picante pizza which had tomato, mozzarella, ‘nduja sausage, chicken, mascarpone, chilli, garlic and rocket, firstly it was beautifully presented and it tasted amazing!

We decided to go all out and order one more main dish as we are such big foodies, we went for the pollo saltimbocca, it was oven roasted prosciutto-wrapped chicken breast in a Marsala sauce served with roast new potatoes and tender stem broccoli, it was incredible!



No meal is complete without dessert and hey, a few more calories won’t hurt!!

We ordered the cookie dough al forno and tiramisu!

They were both sweet and heavenly and the best way to end a meal! I was more satisfied after this amazing and sensational meal!


My experience at Bella Italia was amazing, I would rate them 5 out 5 for the service, food and atmosphere, the restaurant was lively but you could still have your own privacy at each table, the staff were amazing and bubbly with smiles all around, and the food.. well, the food spoke for itself, it was delectable!

I am so thankful to Bella Italia for having us and to the staff who organised our visit! Thank You!

Visit them at and experience a world of flavours!

thank you for reading, catch you on the next blog.

eve x

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