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Momentarily Lost in Paris

I visited Paris in college on a class trip. I felt elated knowing I was going and I would definitely say it was a very crazy and fun experience. Obviously being 17 in Paris with friends, was all very exciting! Now you might be wondering where or how I got lost… I will mention that it was only for a brief moment but the adrenaline and fear I felt was immense – so let me start.

Our tutor was directing us towards our next fun excursion. We headed for the train station and once we got there, he was trying to locate our stop and show us which train we should board. We took the escalator to the underground laughing and joking around as we walked. Then we waited for our tutor to see which train was the one to board. Chuuu chuuuu, the train was approaching! We were all wondering if this was our train and after looking at each other for confirmation – it was!

One of my friends was in a wheelchair, so I got on to help pull her up. I’m there ready like “yes let’s do itttt” – [side note: I’m very energetic and ready & without blowing my own horn, my character is big and very fun :)]. Here I am, ready to pull her up and then one of our friends pulls her chair back like “no this isn’t the stop” because our tutor had informed us this wasn’t the correct train. I proceeded getting off the train then BAM the doors shut!! I started to panic. I’m looking at everyone with fear in my eyes, my stomach had dropped into my ass and I thought ‘fuck’.

Through the glass doors, my group were mouthing/shouting “get off at the next stop!” – “next stop!” Waving their hand in the direction the train was heading. I looked around, the commuters had clearly registered that 1. I’m foreign and 2. I’m on the wrong train. So I waited by the train door thinking ‘right – next stop – gonna get off – s’all gonna be fine’. The train stops. I wait for the doors to open and I notice others have opened, but the one I’m standing in front of (I pause for a moment), asking myself ‘shall I go to the other door?’ But before I could make a decision – BAM the doors shut and I’m off to the next stop! (What I failed to realise was that you had to open the doors yourself, they didn’t open automatically…) So, here I am, in Paris, on a train going to who knows where.. ‘well shit’.

I decided to get off on the next stop and this time, I would open the door myself. The train stopped and I got off. I sat down thinking, “I hope they find me…” The commuters had all walked off in their own directions and I realised it’s just me and this guy on the platform. Allllllllllll the seats and he sat two seats away from me. I sit and wait, my legs swinging because I can’t reach the floor… I glance over at him because I could feel my face burning – he was looking at me with a very creepy smile on his face. Straight away I looked the other way and now I thought, “this is it, it’s gonna be like that film Taken, however unfortunately for me, my dad isn’t Liam Neeson.” From my fear, I had already planned my escape route.

I waited. The guy was still staring at me with the same creepy look.Just as I thought “what if they don’t find me?” the next train was approaching. I sat on the edge of my seat hoping that I will see my friends and tutor on the train and YES!! Hallelujah!! They were!! I saw all their panicked faces scanning the platform for me and we caught eye contact AND THAT is how I got lost in Paris… momentarily!

thank you for reading, catch you on the next blog.

eve x


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