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My Fitness Journey

If someone had told me 10 years ago that I’d love fitness and would be a personal trainer I would have probably laughed so hard and told them they were crazy but alas here I am – I love fitness and I am a personal trainer. I found fitness around 5years ago and hand on my heart I can say it really changed me, it showed me how much will power and strength I had in me, it showed how much I was willing to do for something I truly wanted. I wasn’t happy with the way I felt, I liked being curvy but I wasn’t satisfied with certain aspects of my physical form so I decided to do something about it. I decided to eat clean and I had never in my life eaten clean, I put every bit of will power I had into, I trained 3 to 4 times per week and sure enough before I was realising my progress, other people had been commenting on my weight loss in a positive way and it made me feel proud that I had stuck to it but more than anything by that point... I was in love with exercising, getting my body moving, seeing how much my body can actually do and just feeling happy in my skin!

I fell in love with fitness so much that I decided to make it a career choice – I booked my PT course and 6 weeks later I was a qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor. I cannot express what this means to me because the feeling I feel after exercise is so hard to put into words, I feel amazing, I feel light and happy, I feel like I’m invisible and I can do anything I set my mind to and it makes me so happy to be able to make people feel the same way about fitness.

It’s not just beneficial for your physical health it has a massive effect on your mental health too. Since exercising I have obviously had bad days, days that have been hard to get through for various reasons and it’s on those days that exercise means more to me (than it already does), it helps me release stress, tension build up and helps me feel very relaxed after each session. It is a fact that when you exercise, your body releases chemicals such as dopamine and endorphins in your brain that make you feel happy and I do generally feel so good once I've done my workout, I usually work out in the morning and I feel happier throughout the day.

Fitness/exercise and just generally getting the body moving is so important to me, because it's not a hobby or something you do just to reach a goal, it’s a lifestyle and it’s the best lifestyle I've made and others can make too! Working on yourself is the best thing you can do! Trust me!

I will never stop because it is such an important part of my everyday life and remember – it's a journey, not a destination.

thank you for reading, catch you in the next blog.

eve x

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