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10 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

  1. It’s ok if you don’t feel ok right now

  2. Speak up about things that don’t seem right to you

  3. Take a moment to see how far you’ve come

  4. Be kinder to yourself

  5. Be true to yourself

  6. Always know your worth

  7. Some people won’t change, let go

  8. Don’t worry if you fail or make a mistake, this is how you learn

  9. Your parents will make mistakes, they are human, forgive & let go

  10. You are loved

These are just a few things I would tell my younger self but that’s not to say that I can’t use them in the present moment.

Your younger self is you and I feel that our younger selves still live within us and these sayings we could’ve said, may help us right now more than we realise…but these are just my thoughts.


Just a few things I think about self talk

Self talk has a big effect on your mental state, so make sure you speak to yourself the way you would speak to a loved one, don’t blame, shame, put yourself down or anything you may deem as a negative thing to say too someone else, don’t say it to yourself, be kinder to yourself, because you, will always have you, and for this reason you should be aware of how you speak to yourself.

Work on your relationship with yourself, make sure you put yourself first because when you have filled your cup, you can then pour into others, and form better relationships with yourself and others.

I feel that if you have a good relationship with yourself then you’ll be able to have healthy relationships with others too.

If you want to hear more of my views on self talk, how it’s helped me through life and how I’m learning, send me a DM on instagram saying I want to know more ♡ and I will write another blog ♥ DM me on Instagram

thank you for reading, catch you on the next blog.

eve x

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