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Sundays, some think that they scream ‘family day’ but should sundays be a family day, or can they be more? Sundays come in many forms in my eyes, they can come as a self care day, time alone day, recuperating from the energies of others kind of day, they don’t necessarily need to be saved for family days, that’s not to say that you can’t have a family day! I feel like some people are pressured into spending the day with others but it shouldn’t need to be forced upon you, remember that you don’t have to do something because someone tells you to. Your life is yours, live it how you want to, if you want to take a Sunday for yourself, do it! Don’t feel guilty for doing what’s best for you!

s u n d a y  f e e l s 

Here’s how I like to spend my Sunday:

I wake up, sometimes I stay in bed and watch some Netflix, have a scroll on my phone. I then get up and start my tidying up my room, dusting, organising and cleaning it. I take my sheets off and then put my dirty washing either in the washing machine or washing basket ready for the next day. Next, once everything’s tidy, I hoover and mop and then light some candles (my favourite). I like to wash my hair on Sundays and exfoliate and have a nice long shower. Once I’m out of the shower I get dressed and leave my hair in my hair towel while I put fresh sheets on the bed. Following this, I like to do my Alya Skin face mask, and then take my hair out of the towel and apply my Moroccan oil and brush it through and let my hair air dry. I put on my warm dressing gown and fluffy slippers and I take time to do what I want to do, whether that’s get into bed and watch a film or a series I like or spending time with others. Either way I always do what I like to do, as doing what’s best for you is always the better choice.


There are many ways you can spend your Sunday, you can exercise, meditate and so much more! It’s so important to schedule some “Me Time” because I feel that we take in a lot of others energy and it is important to make time for yourself and to be in solitude. It’s important because taking this time out will help you refocus, relax and do what you want to do! Studies have shown that spending time alone helps with regulating moods, decreasing stress and anxiety and improving relationships. Getting in touch with yourself has so many benefits and you may find that you actually like spending some time alone.

Solitude is not loneliness, it is simply the state of being alone without communicating with others. In this time you can reflect on things around you and you may find that it can help you think clearer.


Please remember you cannot bloom if you do not take time to water yourself.

How do you like to spend your Sundays?

thank you for reading, catch you on the next blog.

eve x

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