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5 Things I Can’t Wait To Do Now That Lockdown has Ended

1) The Selfie Factory!

So anyone that knows me knows that I am a sucker for an aesthetic background and love a good picture! This place looks absolutely amazing!! Also I LOVE PINK and it’s so pink in there, they have a train, a cash gun, a bath with pink balls in it and so much more, I literally cannot wait to go!

2) Restaurants!

I know that they have been open for ages but I couldn’t face sitting outside, as the weather hasn’t quite warmed up yet I didn’t want to sit outside. I literally cannot eat with my coat on so I waited and now I literally cannot wait to go get my food on!


I literally have been dreaming of hitting up TK-MAXX, yes – out of all shops I pick that one. Well, if you haven’t gone, then you’re missing out! I’m such a bargain hunter and that is one of my favourite places to go find a great deal! They sell branded items, clothes and so much more! Seriously if you have’t gone, GOOOO!


I loveee airbnb! You can rent cute little cabins, homes, etc for however long, I love doing this because there are so many super cute spots on there and it’s not just located in London! It’s so fun, grab some friends or your partner and enjoy a fun mini holiday in a home away from home!


I literally have been waiting to visit my family at their homes, I love visiting my uncles and aunties I have missed them so much!!! I love going to their houses, I feel so at home and so comfortable, as much as I love going out I love being in a home, so cosy!

thank you for reading, catch you on the next blog.

eve x

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